Facebook Business Verification Guideline

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Why is it important?

Is your business on Facebook? Wondering how to get Facebook business verification easily?
While browsing on Facebook, you’ve likely seen a blue or sometimes gray verified checkmark on the Facebook Page of many of your favorite brands and companies.
Well you may definitely realize that, these are verified Facebook page.
Facebook business verification guideline : a verified facebook page

Right now, Facebook is the busiest place on internet and it’s really hard to be seen or heard over the noise! Yes, that’s true. Marketing your business on Facebook is a little like standing in a sea of hawkers at New Market. You either need to yell the loudest, or you need to do something else to stand out. 

Facebook business verification is one way of appearing more ‘authenticate’ on Facebook and helps you stand out. In fact in Facebook’s own words “Verified Facebook page show up higher in search results”. 

verified facebook page

Blue badge vs. Gray badge

1. Blue badge

From Facebook: “If you see a blue badge on a Page or profile, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is the authentic Page or profile for this public figure, Media Company or brand. Keep in mind that not all public figures, celebrities and brands on Facebook have blue badges.”

These are priority categories for blue verified facebook page:

  •      Select people (celebrities, journalists, musicians, athletes, etc.)
  •      Select brands or businesses
  •      Sports companies
  •      Media companies
  •      Entertainment companies
  •      Government officials

2. Gray badge

Facebook: “If you see a gray badge on a Page, it means that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic Page for this business or organization.”

Here are some primary types of businesses which are good to go 

  • Local businesses (e.g. businesses with a physical retail store)
  • Companies & Organizations
  • Public Figures

Well in this article we will be covering How to verify your Facebook page via gray badge.

Facebook business verification process

First, go to your Facebook page. On mobile, tap through to edit Settings; on desktop, go to Settings.

Facebook business verification guideline : step 1

On mobile, visit your Facebook page and tap the three dots to reveal Edit Settings. On desktop, you can simply click Settings.
Under Settings, tap General.

step 2

Under Settings, tap or click on General to reveal the Page Verification feature for your local Facebook page.
Look for Page Verification and tap on Verify Your Page.

step 3

Find Page Verification and tap Verify Your Page directly below that.
After that, enter your business phone number in the text box and tap Call Me Now.

Alternatively, click the Verify This Page with Documents Instead link above the Call Me Now button and upload a photo of an official document with your business’s name and address.

step 4

Enter your phone number and tap Call Me Now. Be sure to have your phone ready to answer the call from Facebook.
Wait for a phone call from Facebook and be sure to write down the 4-digit verification code you receive.

step 5

Wait for the call from Facebook and write down the 4-digit verification code you’re given.
Then enter the 4-digit verification code (as shown below) and click Continue.

Type the verification code you received from Facebook and tap Continue.
If all goes well, you’ll see a message saying your page has been verified.

If you go to your Facebook page, you’ll now find a gray check mark next to your business name to indicate that you now have a verified facebook page.

That’s all it takes to add another layer of legitimacy and professionalism to your business facebook page. Your gray verification check mark will appear next to your name on your page and in search results, but unlike blue verification badges, you won’t see your gray check mark in your posts or when you respond in comments.

If you want to know about facebook business verification via blue badge then check out How to get a blue verified Facebook page.

In other cases if you are a busy person/company and you don’t have time for all of this you can always hire a digital marketing company like Kepler. They do create and work with professional business facebook pages.

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