Digital Marketing Agency Selection Guideline, Tips and Tricks

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All Digital marketing agency doesn't rank their own website for SEO

As an employee, I know how hard it is to work in a busy online marketing company.
If the agency is doing well that means more clients and more work.
Sometimes it’s really hard for the employee to make time for their own work, like ranking their website.

Pay enough to get the best from a digital marketing agency

Smart online marketing company always reserve their best workers for the best paying clients.
You might already choose a big agency for your project! But are you paying a standard amount considering their clients? It is always better to be the best paying clients in a small agency than being the lowest paying client in a big agency.

Find an agency that is specialized in your niche

Suppose you want to rank your website in google. You found a very good agency who has good reputation for web designing. But you want to rank your website right?
One single marketing company
cannot be good at everything, it is impossible. If you want to rank your website then look for the agency who are good at SEO.

A decent portfolio/Case studies

A smart digital marketer will proudly showcase their work.
If you can’t see a sizable portfolio or case studies in a digital marketing agency, that may mean they haven’t worked with anyone.
Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Research their projects and clients before making a decision.  

Experienced and specialized team members

It’s essential to make sure the agency you hire has the right team members to suit your project.
A big online marketing company relies on some skilled team members.
Nowadays if you do a little research you might find the LinkedIn account of the team members. Make sure they are skilled and experienced enough to do your work.

Good digital marketing agency will always have strong industry reputaion

I know this is the best time for making a reputation on digital platform like google or Facebook.
But being recognized offline is still considered as a strong medium.
If you see an agency having good reputation among the industry people that means they are doing well.

A well-designed website

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website. Most of the time it is an entry point for a potential client.
The best online marketing company knows how essential a well-designed website is. So, if they’re not executing internal projects well, why would you expect them to deliver something better for yours?
This is more prominent when you are dealing with website or design project. So look through their website and listen to your instincts.


Well this is very important. A well-known digital marketing agency will always be transparent to the client.
That means you can see the portfolio, case studies, the clients in details.
If you don’t find good enough information to rate their work you may need to avoid them.
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